From the other place


Choose a place to start on the map.

Each color is the following note:

C (Yellow)

D (pink)

G (blue)

A (orange)

B (H) (green)

Following where you start on the MAP, choose a note for each event in the FORM. One event (p, mf, cres - dim) is one note/dot on the MAP.

*Mark in the notes on the FORM beforehand, to avoid confusion.

All events/notes are played Tutti, together. The events/notes are cued in by a conductor or leader. Short notes have short —, longer notes are longer ——-. The overall sense of tone of your instrument should have a feeling of breath and sensitivity.

The overall piece is as follows:


The duration of the FREE part is free. Each player chooses a place to start on the map, and holds the note, following the curve to the next note/dot. Play this part with sensitivity and breath. Follow the lines between the dots, the volume following the curves.

When you have played FREE for the desired duration, the leader plays one note p and signals that the other should do the same. When everybody realizes that it is the end of FREE you play 4x p Tutti (short notes), and start FORM 2.

Choose a different place to start on the map in FORM 2. Play till end.